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When asked about the meaning of life, 

The Philosopher answered with one word: "Other"

The Mathematician answered with one number: "137"

The Artist answered with one painting, titled: "Agape"

Looking at each other, they realized they were saying the same thing.



When the general zeitgeist is undermined by self-defeating contradictions, it is time to begin a new dialogue.  This dialogue must be of our own generation and not one that is handed down to us as an unwanted inheritance.  A dialogue born from art as the created object.  An object vested in truth as its beauty and poetry as its message.  A message that compels meaningful progress for the common good of this, next, and future generations.  A generation that will listen and responsibly resolve the needs of its planet and all of its inhabitants in a boldly defiant step against the me-centric actions of the technological generation.


Technology, Science, and Progress as foot soldiers for Creativity where Art is canvas to the new diorama of resolution, healing, and life itself.  This is Art’s Noble Dream.  This is my life’s purpose. 

The Problem:


Man is waging war against his self, his nature, and his universe.  Peace, understanding, and communication respecting and honoring the human condition as our common unifier are critical to combat man’s atrocities.  As electronic technology exponentially pumps mass (mis)information into the collective unconscious, communication has deteriorated into myopic misappropriations of the objective reality.  Rather than post quotidian self-centric dioramas on social media, man must turn the camera outwards and highlight the impact of one to the betterment of many. Otherwise, he will continue destroying his planet, rapidly exhaust all natural resources, and overturn the universe’s natural order to the overwhelming extinction of our plant and animal kingdoms.


The Solution:


At the global level:

The only true ‘victory’ is one without violence.  Today, more than ever, our nations must lead by example in pursuit of peace and the betterment of humanity itself.  Only when our nations come together in meaningful dialogue to achieve common understanding will they be true leaders for their next and future generations. 


At the individual level:

Art sues for peace in defiance of war by placing conversation ‘center stage’.  Accordingly, it moves the needle forward in meaningfully positive directions.  Indeed, conversation and the coming together of minds engaged for peaceful understanding is a hopeful step forward.


Art unifies.  It mediates active dialogue within ourselves and with others.  By virtue of its objective existence and relevant focus, art forces an engagement of its medium, subject, focus, and overall effect with its viewers. 


Art affects change, overturning the status quo by (ir)reflection of its creative existence.  In direct contact with the art’s medium, whether it is canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, or stone sculpture, the viewer exposes within himself and faces up to those images of self he admires, despises, shames, and embraces simultaneously.  Through this acceptance-rejection interaction within his self, change immediately begins.


Art is war of self against his better and worse halves.  It brings the individual into a humbling self-balance with his flaws, limitations, and mortality itself.  By so doing, art purifies and refines that which is our greatest talent, gift, and potentiality (potential of potential): creativity to materialize the very best of our imaginings for a meaningfully improved tomorrow. 


This creativity is foundational bulwark and buttress to our human condition helping us foster a  solace from our reckless and destructive impulses.  For every problem, conflict, challenge, and turmoil man creates for himself, creativity engineers the resolution.  Creativity mediates the art as heuristic where and when there exists no other option.  Creativity enables us our truth and empowers us to be positively and meaningfully inspired by the beauty in that universal truth and truth in that inspiring beauty.


There exists perfect imperfection in the creation.  That is its poetry, its truth.  The creation absorbs the knicks, scratches, and myopic distortions of humanity and immortalizes it as flawless beauty.  Beyond time, space, geography, culture, and civilization - in perpetuity - creativity endures.  Moreover, creativity conquers and defies technology.


Especially today, in an era of omnipresent electronic technology, it is thought that technology mediates man’s transcendence over his classical limitations of time, space, and geography.  This is a fallacy.  Creativity is transcendence.  Man has not abided by technology’s ‘rules of the game’.  Accordingly, man has turned technology into creativity’s gremlin.  As such, technology facilitates and exacerbates man’s mortality, distracting him away from his existence in a perilous decline towards an expedited ‘automaton mentality’.  Indeed, as soon as man favored the machina ex deus as such, he perpetrated the transcendence fallacy, directly betraying his creativity as universal truth.


It is not our technology that globalized the world, it is our creativity.  Art is the true unifier.  Art in its purest distillation is creation of our spirit and our soul.  Art breathes life into the collective body so man can exhale his fragile mortality with a sigh of relief.


The Action:


An impermeable tapestry of reckless frivolity, mischief, and destruction is suffocating humanity into oblivion.   We are better than this.  YOU are better than this. 


What will be YOUR life’s purpose - your footprint - on this world?

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