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ENCOURAGE excellence in a meaningfully positive way for the benefit of all;


INSPIRE tangible, results-driven creativity to overcome all obstacles and barriers;


EMPOWER individual agency by helping the helpless;


LEAD by your example each time you bring meaningful purpose to light and fulfillment.

Under protection of the Department of Children’s Services, I was challenged with a difficult childhood.  After becoming legally emancipated when I was fifteen years old, I existed in a mode of survival, solitude, and isolation from others.  This enabled me a unique perspective on life and the world around me.  As an abstract expressionist artist and published author, I have pursued a mission of empowering others to achieve their highest creative potential in every way possible. 


Creativity begins with a single idea. My pieces are inspired by the infinite potentiality of active dialogue amongst disparate communities.  The intention of all my paintings is to empower the viewer to make a positively meaningful difference without delay or hesitation.

For more about my theory, Infinite Creative Potentiality, please visit my blog:

Thank you for visiting my site!

Jade Yu

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